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Welcome to Vet-Opinion

We are a group of veterinarians and board certified veterinary specialists who provide second opinions on veterinary cases. You can now use our service to receive a second opinion over the Internet.  

We can give you our second opinion about all veterinary issues. We can comment on the test results of your pet. We can give you a list of possible conditions that can be associated with your pet’s clinical signs. We can advise you of other tests that can be performed to help diagnose your pet’s problem. We can also give you our opinion about the medications you currently use, and what other medication or treatments are available for your pet’s condition.  

The process is simple. In our Basic Counsel, you can submit any question regarding your pet. A veterinarian will answer your question. If you have a more complicated veterinary case, you can use our Comprehensive Counsel, where we can review all your animal veterinary information including your pet’s records. We can contact your regular veterinarian and request a copy of your pet’s records. We will give you our opinion regarding your pet’s diagnosis, tests results, treatment options and general prognosis. We can also answer any question that you have on your pet’s case. In our Premium Counsel, a board certified veterinary specialist reviews your case and gives you a second opinion. Board certified veterinary specialists receive advanced training in their discipline of veterinary medicine. They usually treat difficult and unusual cases that were referred to them by general practitioners.

Currently, the service is available only for dogs and cats. We are planning to include exotic pets, birds, and horses in the near future.


In the Basic Counsel, you will be asked to post your question and then submit it. Our veterinarian is going to review...


We will give our second opinion based on the information you give us, and the information in your pet’s records…

About Us

Vet-Opinion veterinarians are licensed and practice in USA. They have a clinical experience of at least 8 years.…